Difference between Warm White, Cool White and Neutral White

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If you are going to upgrade your home with new LED lights for this upcoming holiday season, then words like warm white, cold white and neutral white must be familiar to you. But what’re the exact differences between them? You may be confused sometimes, and here is one brief introduction about them.

What’s Warm White?

Warm is the keyword to comprehend the color. It means soft, with a hint of red and yellow. It usually can make people feel Warm when it is lit on.Its Kelvin scale ranges from 2700K to 3300K. It is considerably used in home places like bedroom,bathroom and living room.

What’s Cool White?

Cool white is basically the opposite of warm white. It has a slight blue tint and is much brighter than warm white. Its Kevin scale is usually ranged from 5000K to 6500K, and it is extensively used in places like kitchens room or professional areas like hospitals.

What‘s Neutral White?

It’s not hard to tell that neutral white is the color which stands between Warm White and Cool White. Its average Kelvin scale is about 4000K. Neutral white is kind of color of pure white. It doesn’t have any other obvious colors jointed in such as red or blue. Usually, you can find them in places like office,home,and shopping areas.

How About Together?

Now you know the difference, but you still can’t decide which kind of LED to choose because basically, you want them all, even for the same place. I get it, you want different colors depending on different mood, whether it’s bedroom, office, kitchen or workplace, which is pretty understandable. The good news is Oeegoo’s new series of ceiling lights products provide white dimmable function. So literately, with one single Oeegoo LED, you will get all three colors as you want, warm, cool, and neutral, which you can switch them at any time, along with different wattages, voltages, and shapes to choose. So why not give a try?

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