The halogen bulbs will be removed from the market in 2018. Where are you?

Light bulb is ideas

Prohibition of halogen bulbs in 2018.

In 2015 the European Commission was working on the removal of halogen bulbs on 1 September 2018. In 2009 the same fate had condemned the incandescent bulbs which had allowed halogen bulbs to become a leader in the lighting market. Sales of compact fluorescent bulbs also increased following this ban.

                                     Halogen bulbs                                

Finally ?

This withdrawal was set for September 2018 after several postponements, these postponements are not trivial.
Indeed, before considering the withdrawal of a flagship product, it must be ensured that succession product is ready for the succession. Innovative products like LEDs need some time to mature. The first products of innovative technology are rarely the cheapest and the most efficient. In the case of LED bulbs, therefore, it took time for them to become credible alternatives to halogens. Moreover, it is always better to give the customer time to adapt to an innovation than to force him to adopt it.

This transition is in line with the efforts made by the European Commission to reduce household energy consumption. In a year the halogen bulbs will be removed from the market, what are the alternatives?


                                        LED lamp  

LED as the only solution

LED seems to be the only solution. Indeed, LEDs are ideal from an ecological point of view, with a 90% lower consumption than halogens. You can see it with the labels measuring the energy efficiency of the bulbs, the LEDs are the only ones to be classified A + and A ++. This decline in the consumption of light bulbs also responds to the economic problem because it allows households to reduce their energy bills.
From an economic point of view, LED is therefore also the solution. Indeed, the low consumption of LED bulbs is accompanied by a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours against 10,000 for a halogen.

A year from the ban on halogen bulbs no other technology seems to be able to supplant the LED.

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