5 ways to fix iPhone camera flickering problem

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With the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple’s iPhone has essentially become the best point-and-shoot camera in the world. Whether you’re a hobbyist or experienced professional, there’s something satisfying about being able to hold up your iPhone and capture a beautiful image. But there are some issues when customers use FaceTime to make video calls. Many iPhone 8 and iPhone X users feedback that their iPhone front camera flickering during the FaceTime call or video recording. Here are 5 solutions may be can fix this issues.

Solution 1. Turn off the portrait mode in iPhone X.

The iPhone X is a fantastic camera in low light — that is, unless you’re in Portrait Mode. The camera, as you know, is actually two: one wide-angle lens and one telephoto lens. The wide-angle has a generous f/1.8 aperture good for letting in a lot of light. The telephoto lens meanwhile has a f/2.8 aperture which doesn’t perform as well in the dark.

Because Portrait Mode requires using both lenses, low-light results tend to be lackluster and noisy.Because Portrait Mode is still in beta, keep your subjects as simple as you can for optimal results. After turning off Portrait Mode, It will reduce the flicker sensor factor when focusing on people face and objects borders in video Calls.

Solution 2. Disabling 60 FPS video recording on the iPhone

By default, the iPhone records video at 30 FPS, but newer model iPhone support video recording at a silky smooth 60 FPS (frames per second) at a full 1080p resolution. Capturing video at 60 FPS, you’re getting a very smooth high frame rate video which is great for both amateur and professional uses. Disable this high frame rate video capture mode will help you to deal with the flickering problem.

Solution 3. Hard reboot of your iPhone

You can restart or force-restart your iPhone to completely stop all processes, which might help you fix this flickering concern. To force restart your iPhone, just press and hold both of the “Sleep” and “Home” button at the same time for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Solution 4. Restore iPhone from backup

You’d better backup your device before you begin this tips, because this method will remove your all data on your device. You can back up iPhone with iTunes or iCloud.

Step 1: Make sure that you sign out of iCloud. Go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. Otherwise, your device might remain in Activation Lock.

Step 2: Go to Settings > General > Reset. Then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Step 3: Restore your device from an iTunes or iCloud backup.

Learn how to restore your device from a backup in iCloud or iTunes.

Solution 5. Replace your LED lights

If all the solutions still don’t work for your device, maybe you need to check your lights at home or wherever you are. Because the reason to cause the flickering problem may not be the iPhone itself but dues to the lights around you especially when you are using low-quality LED equipment.

In this case, to fix the flickering problem, you just need to replace your lighting fixture simply, and if you have no idea what kind of LED lights to choose, then brand Oeegoo will be highly recommended. You can find their products on Amazon or simply click here.

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