The important role of lighting in home decoration

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The lamp is the tool of illumination, it is indispensable in contemporary home life; The lamp is a kind of space modifier language, home furnishing can be interpreted more charming; The lamp is a warm emotional sustenance, the light in the window stayed on, that is for the beloved person.

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Lamps are the second big item besides furniture in household adornment, make household style show more fully.

The choice of illuminations needs to according to integral household style, lifestyle and individual preference. European countries household environment should consider with crystalline light or chrome plating, stainless steel, gold plated hardware light and so on, reveal its elegant, under this kind of household style, use cloth art lamp or Chinese style lamp is obviously not appropriate.

In the relationship between the shape of the lamp and the space of the home, there are some laws to follow, such as the bedroom should use round ceiling lamp, meaning a perfect dream, and the living room needs square ceiling lamp. But with a growing emphasis on personality today, the choice of lighting is entirely based on personal preferences.Some people will also skillfully use the lighting mix and match, for example, in the European classical style, there will be a lighting with oriental elements, giving people instant dislocations, which looks very amazing.

According to the individual demand, the development direction and trend of modern lighting is about three aspects:

1⃣ The development of luxury goods and art. It is not uncommon that a lamp needs tens of thousands of euros now, used the pure crystal, gilding, and other expensive materials so that the lighting becomes a luxury, and the price becomes more and more expensive.

2⃣ As the adornment that adorns home. Someone who has individual character will be keen to use some strange and unusual modeling lamp act to show their distinctive grade.

3⃣ Functional, As mentioned above, the function of modern household lighting is more and more powerful, which can be detailed and customized for each space, and more humanized

In fact, energy-saving and eco-friendly are also a development direction of lighting. At present, the LED light is energy-saving and Eco-friendly. For example, ordinary incandescent bulbs 97% of electrical energy into heat energy, only 3% used for lighting, but the LED can be 80% of the electricity used for lighting. That’s why Oeegoo has been working on making LED lights.

There is a tip for you: The home should not be used for shooting lamps.

Light is the necessities of life, illumination is its main function. But in modern life, the role of the lamp is far beyond the light, “people also want to make the home look warm and comfortable through the expression of the light. This involves a professional noun – color temperature, whose span is usually 3200K~ 8500K. Color temperature is higher, It presents a white, cold tone, it can let a person feel fear and nervous. color temperature is lower,  it present warm red light, it can make people feel comfortable and warm. so usually color temperature control between 3000k to 5000k. The Oeegoo Lights are in this range.

In addition, besides ceiling lamp, will be more use of floor lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, etc. These lamps are projected the secondary diffraction light. surrounded by the secondary diffraction light, will make people feel more secure and warmer.

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  1. Joy Butler says:

    I’m grateful for your advice that the lamp stands as a space modifier language. I never knew how essential it is for our homes. And also, I found it interesting when you said that we should be using a round ceiling lamp in the bedroom. If that is so, I need to check on something that would replace our lamp in the master’s bedroom.

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