Osram VS Oeegoo: which LED you should pick?

osram oeegoo led ceiling light

Christmas is coming, you might have some plans to change your LED ceiling lights indoors. And if you do some brief research, you will find two very popular LED brands in ceiling lights category on Amazon, which are Osram and Oeegoo, both of them are widely celebrated by consumers all around the world especially the clients from Europe like Germany and UK. So here is the question: which brand you should pick?

In one word, they are both great. But there are some differences between them. First, Osram is famous for her series of productions of bulb lights. On the other hand, Oeegoo’s production lines are more focused on LED Ceiling lights and Tri-proof lights. And that’s why it can compete with the long history and well-known company Osram. Oeegoo is professional in this specific category. With high technology and Eco-friendly materials, Oeegoo creates a great deal of high efficiency and Energy-saving LED lighting fixtures which helps it win many costumers’ heart.

Secondly, Osram’s price is much higher than Oeegoo, even in bulbs category, Osram is also expensive than another notable brand Philip from Netherland. If the price is not a problem for you, then you can choose either of them, but if you wanna save some money, you’d better choose Oeegoo which I guarantee you will get the exact same quality product with the much lower price.

At last, the styles and appearances of Osram’s ceiling lights are usually very traditional, but Oeegoo is more innovative. The product you can see from the picture above is one good example, you can switch three color temperatures with one LED, cold white, warm white and neutral white, whatever you like. Another example is that Oeegoo has created the ultra-thin ceiling lights in the market, which makes the fixtures look much natural than others inside the room. It will play a big role while even you don’t notice it.

So the conclusion here is very simple, if you are looking for bulb replacements, go for Osram, and if you are looking for LED ceiling lights or tri-proof lighting fixture replacements, the right choice would be definitely Oeegoo.

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