Three useful lighting tips for your living room

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The living room is a public activity area of the family, the living center of a family, and it is also a window for the family to show it to the outside world. So it might be a bit more complicated for the design of home lighting. Generally, the illume of the living room can be divided into three aspects: the guest lighting, the recreational and rest lighting, and the decorative lighting. 

🔸Guest lighting

Basic lighting is generally used. The light should not be too bright, the friends can see each other clearly. Do not suggest to use the high color temperature light, It looks cold and has no atmosphere. We suggest using the warm color ceiling lamp, opening the ceiling LED lamp of the sitting room which gives the person a kind of warm and cheerful atmosphere, facilitates the communication between friends.

🔸 Recreational and rest lighting

When you listen to music, you can use low illumination indirect light; When watching TV, there should be some faint light behind the sofa; Reading a book and tasting tea needs a local high brightness light, at this time, you can use the wall lamp, spotlights and so on which can enhance the effect of local lighting.

Christmas decoration of the outdoor🔸Decorative lighting

This usually needs to be matched with the style of the house or the festival atmosphere. You can adopt the decorative ceiling lamp or wall lamp which with a variety of luminescent modes, and its modeling need to match the decoration style of the house. For example, at Christmas, we use LED lamp strips to decorate the Christmas tree in our living room. 

Generally speaking, the collocation of living room lighting should pay attention to all sorts of lamps and lanterns to cooperate to use. The ceiling lamp is used for main illume, but for auxiliary illume, we should make own choice according to the family characteristic. I hope everyone can design a healthy living room lighting environment



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