Some Critical Tips on How to Illuminate Your Home Correctly

It is a bit difficult whenever I have to light a room, especially an office because we are going to spend a lot of time in it, that is why a healthy light is needed. If you work with poor light, eyesight is damaged, for this reason, the quality and quantity are very important, that is why we must consciously illuminate each room, depending on the work we carry out in it.

To understand all this we must talk about the levels of lighting, these determine the quantity and quality of light required by each room, according to the task performed in it, the luminous level is measured in lux (lx) which is equivalent to the illumination of a surface that normally and uniformly receives a luminous flux of 1 lumen per square meter.

When we are faced with illuminating certain rooms, we try to follow certain criteria, so depending on the extent of the illumination, we will need more or less light.

led living room

A poorly lit house is like a garden without flowers, If there is no light in the room, the room will become sad, when there is light in the house even your mood will also change to warm, so it is important to know how we can have our home well lit.

Therefore we must know that we can divide the light levels into basic, normal or demanded:

 🔅  In a work area, it would take about 200 to 1000 lx.

 🔅  500lx is required in your corner or reading area.

 🔅  In your bathroom from 200 to 500lx.

 🔅  In your living room is more flexible, depends on activity, 50 or 70lx to watch the TV – total lighting about 100lx.

 🔅  In a bedroom from 100 to 200lx.

 🔅  Passage areas, corridors or stairs 150lx.

With these data, we can get a basic understanding of the needs of every room in the house and we can choose the most appropriate option and plan the lighting so that our house is more comfortable, but above all, healthy for our eyesight.

We can also choose our lighting according to its purpose and we could divide it into:


💡 General – it is the base light of a room, it is placed on the ceiling as lamps or soffits, it must be a uniform clarity and free of shadows.

💡  Ambiental – it is an ornamental lighting, is what creates warm environments and does not need a large amount of luminescence.

💡  Functional – it is a direct light that clearly illuminates an activity or task that we are performing, work table, reading, cooking, shaving, a center of attention … it is a powerful and quality light.

To combine all the above,It is obvious that we have to cover our needs and adapt it to our lifestyle, if you have a living room which there is also a painting that you love in addition to the general light, place a focal light to highlight that object or collection fetish, if you also want a more cozy atmosphere put a dim light to watch television more intimately.

That’s why I think that a light like Oeegoo’s can be ideal for many environments in our house, it’s a high quality led light, it does not flash, it does not emit a flash and it does not make noise, it’s an alternative to the usual fluorescent, it saves more than 90% and has a durability of more than 30,000 hours. It is ideal for offices, yards and kitchens as a white and neutral light.



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