Make your home like an Oscar movie by lighting

oscar 2018 nomination

Oscar nominations of 2018 were just announced by The Academy today. We congratulations to all the nominees. All of them are well deserved.

Everyone loves movies because films can lead us to another world like Disneyland or bring us to another situation where we can experience the joy, sorrow, adventure, excitement, and sadness. It extends the width of one individual’s life.

In fact, we love movies so much that even some movie fans wanna live in a movie. This may sound crazy but it is not completely impossible. One important magic that the movies do is changing the color of lighting. It’s the lighting that makes the normal life like a movie. So you can literally live in a movie by changing the color of your home lighting. It will definitely affect your mood.

oscar nomination 2018 best picture movie film

You will know this is true if you pay attention to this year’s nominees for best pictures. For example, “Call Me By Your Name” is a very beautiful and realistic love story starred with Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamat, this movie uses the neutral lighting for the most of daytime shot so the surroundings look very natural. Meanwhile, “Lady Bird”, another celebrated coming-age movie starred with Saoirse Ronan is about a teenage girl’s growing up and focus on relationships that she has with her mother and her friends. So for the most time of this movie, the brilliant director Greita used warm color lighting to make the audiences feel warm like a family even it is about the pain of growing, but at the end, it is still about love. On the contrary, you will notice that many cold lighting colors show up in other movies like “The Shape of Water”, ” Get Out”, “The post”, “Dunkirk” and “Three Billboards Out of Ebbing, Missouri”, all these movies’ themes are about Sci-Fi, horror, war, politics or crime. Cold lighting, like its name suggests, creates cold feelings in these nominated movies and constantly conveys chilling environments to the audiences.

dimmable oeegoo led ceiling lights with smart switch

Now you know the trick of color lightings in movies. And you can actually feel it at your home. For that, you don’t need to buy all three different colors lighting fixtures. Oeegoo provides 3 in 1 ceiling lights which you can switch different colors freely among warm white lighting, neutral white lighting, and cold white lighting to feel the ambiance you want to feel. It’s not a dream to live in Hollywood movies, you can start to live in your dreams with Oeegoo dimmable lighting right now.

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