Somethings about the household lighting

Do not underestimate the impact of lighting decoration for home improvement, good lighting is the essential decoration materials, but how to choose the lighting has become a problem.

Choosing the right light sources and using them properly can change the atmosphere of the space and create a comfortable and pleasant environment.
The right lighting adds more than light to your room.

What do you value the most when you pick a lamp?
Here is some knowledge about the commonly used lamps.

Pendant lamp/Tube
Many people buy beautiful and gorgeous crystal lights in the dining room and living room, but for a long time, the crystal ball on the crystal lights will fouling, so you need to clean, and crystal light cleaning steps is quite troublesome.
If you like gorgeous glittering items and think highly of the appearance of lamps and lanterns, you can consider the crystal lamp.
There are other fashion chandeliers, such as ball chandeliers, factory chandeliers (with industrial atmosphere) fan chandeliers, metal frame chandeliers, etc.
Generally more beautiful chandeliers are usually more complex shape and shade, if the environment is humid and dusty, often prone to rust lamps, paint, shade is dimmed due to dust and, if ignored, the average annual drop in chandelier brightness of about 30 %. Within a few years, chandeliers will be dim.
If you do not plan to clean the lamp every year, chandelier are not a good choice for you.

Panel Light
The biggest advantage of LED lights is power saving and durable, indeed the LED is very durable, low energy consumption, and the price is higher than the average.
If you like simple home, led panel light is your good choice.


Wall lamp/Downlight/Spotlight
Wall lamp, spot-light, downlight is not used as the main light source in the house. It is generally installed on the wall oder ceiling used as a secondary lighting and decorative purposes. Achieving different lighting effects can adding more dimensions to the living space, more natural transition of space, the overall interior more coordinated nature.
These three lights style specifications should be coordinated with the installation site.

The demand of each space lamps and lanterns chooses different.

The restaurant’s dining table needs a warm and bright effect, the chandeliers and wall lamps can be echoed to each other, the location of the lamps are generally above the table.

The middle of the living room needs a decorative lighting, most people will choose chandeliers oder panel lights. A big chandelier can be the focal point of your living room.

led ceiling lights for bedroom
Bedroom suitable with several lights, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps and so on. These lamps should be free to adjust between, in order to create a warm atmosphere. Available wall lamp, floor lamp to replace the ceiling lamp.

Kitchen, bathroom and aisles generally use ceiling lamps because these places do not need very high brightness, and humid, dustyt, with ceiling lamp for easy cleaning, but also help protect the lamp. Kitchen lamps have to facilitate scrub, corrosion-resistant. The bathroom should be used with moisture-proof and not rust-prone lamps.

led panel light in the bathroom

When choosing a luminaire, it is not necessary to insist on installing a luminaire that has a complicated shape, the light settings are bright and practical is ok.

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