What’re the differences between incandescent and LED Lighting?

If you look around your home, you could be surprised to find out the oldest technology inside of your house is not a walkman or Nokia cellphone, but one or a few incandescent bulbs that were invented in 1904 by Thomas Edison.

However, Lighting technology has improved a lot in the past century. LED is the new population right now. In fact, incandescent lighting has been banned in some countries or areas due to environmental protection reasons. But there are still many people who are not familiar with LED, so the question is what’s the difference? Here is the result when we compare one old incandescence bulb and Oeegoo LED ceiling lighting.

1: How long does LED lighting last?
Incandescence lighting bulb lasts an average of 1,000 hours. That’s less than 1 year of residential use or about 2 months of commercial use. Oeegoo LED lighting last an average of 30,000 hours – about 28 years of residential use, or 5 years of commercial use!

2: How much does LED lighting cost?
Incandescent bulbs are very cheap to produce – a squirrel-cage bulb looks like a pretty good investment at €9, compared to €27 for one of Oeegoo LED lighting. But if one Watt LED outlives 20 incandescents, in the long run, you’ll save €153 by replacing old bulbs. You know what they say – buy cheap, buy…. 20 times.

3: How much energy does LED lighting save?
On average, Oeegoo LED lighting uses 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs to produce the exact same lighting output. So not only will you make savings on energy bills but you’ll also lower your carbon footprint substantially.

4: What kind of light does LED lighting creat?
Both LED and incandescents can be dimmed to create a beautifully warm light – part of the reason they’re so popular. But Oeegoo LED lighting product allows you to switch color temperature from cool white, neutral white to warm white freely which incandescent can’t. Another important difference is that Oeegoo LED doesn’t have any flickering problem while incandescent or other low-quality LED has. This could be a very annoying issue especially when you take a picture or shoot a video with your smartphones which nobody wants to deal with.

So are you still use the old incandescent lighting? Now maybe it’s time for you to replace them with Oeegoo LED lighting.

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