Apple developed MicroLED to get rid of Samsung


Do you know that the LED industry is not only outstanding in lighting and UV LED , but also has outstanding achievements in other areas?
Yes, there are display screens for various electronic products.

man holding iphonex

For the first time, Apple’s 10th Anniversary model iPhone X has adopted an OLED screen, and the screen is provided entirely by Samsung. If the iPhone X’s sales increase, Samsung’s profits will be more.

In order to get rid of this situation, Apple will launch its own design and production screen for the first time.

Late bits of gossip propose that Apple has been researching a new display type known as MicroLED for quite a long while, and is quite far along.

Be cautiously optimistic about this new display technology. MicroLEDs have the potential to be superior to OLED from numerous points of view, and could be the predominant display technology in new products in 10 years.

MicroLED thinner than OLED, more efficient, higher resolution and has superior color, contrast, and brightness.

iphone display

Here’s why MicroLED is worth getting excited about.

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