Do you make your kids feel loved?

The Children’s Day is coming, good news for all children. It means they will have a lot of outdoor fun and embrace several presents.

As their parents, we will try our best to take care our babies and provide the greatest thing for them, this is the goal for every Mon and Dad. Parents will love them in a way kids will never understand. So are you making the effort to make your kids feel loved? Are you busy with working? Are you just ignore to take care soft heart of your babies? Or you are ashamed of expressing love? It doesn’t matter. Here are 3 ways to make your kids feel loved and grow up with good physical and mental health.

1. Turn off your smart phone and quit working

When your kids came back from school and you should turn off your smart phone and stop working at home, then you could pay full attention on them, play games or enjoy delicate dinner together. We should find the balanced point between family and job, parent-children time is very important to strengthen parent-children relationship.

2.Bedtime story is needed

Kids love bedtime story, imagine parents hold a book, kids curdled under the blanket, opened their desired and curious big eyes to hear, storytellers murmured the story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, finally kids fall asleep gradually, so sweet, right? Please do not forget to give a good night kiss to your kids. It would be the most precious memory for kids.

3.Change the lamp in your room

Use non-flickering, energy-saving, most brightest ceiling lamps to keep kids’ eyes from myopia when they are young, remember eye care is an significant part in our daily life. Let them stay away from glasses and shortsightedness.

So what did you do make kids feel loved, share with us.

In the end, Happy Children’s Day to all parents and children.

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