Oeegoo—Choice for Your Better Life

2018 is the Artificial Intelligence era, iphone X is equipped with facial recognition system and new-launched MIUI 10, Xiaomi’s operating system based on Android and powered by artificial intelligence, translation robot applied in some international conference, some news issue AI payment will be carried out in the near future, we already amazed by ever-changing technological movement. Life become more easier and strike to keep sustainable development. As time is moving forward, we should keep pace with it and be used to magical changes, which brings convenience for our life.

Look around our life, we will see the a large amount of gadgets designed for better life, Oeegoo light brand invented many lights series with humanization designs.

For instance, sensor ceiling light will save the power energy for the world, when someone walks in the room, sensor feels the movement then will turn light on autonomously, when no one shows up, light will be disappeared and we won’t waste power energy by forgetting close the light.

Dimmable ceiling light, different color choices for different scenes, warm white color for romantic anniversary celebration, cold white color for relaxing work fatigue, neutral white color for sleeping or reading books.

Led Tri-proof light, a new generation mini tri-proof light with waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion function, IP66 water-proof technology is suitable for various environments, lamp is bright when used, no dark area, there are no mosquitoes or dust inside, no flickering when snapped a selfie.

Good quality and customized service is what Oeegoo pursue all the time, by and large, Oeegoo is your choice for better life.


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