Chitchat about the World Cup

As we all know, the World Cup will be held four years a time, such long waiting time makes fans anxious and restless. Finally, it’s forthcoming recently, they are ready to celebrate crazy season overnight with beers and popcorn, although no Chinese, Italian and Dutch national team, lack of Arsenal club, Beckham in 2018 World Cup, it’s still the golden time to release the passion and cheer as much as they like.

Binge time cannot enjoy without iced and chilled beers, crispy and sweet popcorn, accompanied with a couple of friends at home, maybe some will go out to club or bar with like-minded fans, no matter what we eat, we only care about the on-going of games, sometimes we will ignore circumstance around us and leave us into danger, for example, you will hit the bottles and suffer sleep disorder due to irregular sleeping, when you nestle in sofa and immerse yourself in darkness, your eye will be damaged because of strong light from TV, even thought it’s short-time period, it could cause huge potential disease in the near future.

If your eyes are exposed in direct lights during dark environment for 30 minutes, you will have high risk of macular degeneration,therefore, lights are significant for eye protection.

If you drink too much beers, you will suffer from many healthy problems, such as obesity, physical inactivity and anxiety disorder. But if you are willing to sacrifice your sleeping and energy to chase after this important event, just the way you are, enjoy your life.

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