The Evolution History of Light

When we speak of light, we only know it’s a luminary body to bring brightness and warmness for human activities, but if someone ask, do yo know the history of light? we maybe shake our head. Today, you will be entered into amazing light world and have a simple understanding of magical light we used in our daily life.


At the beginning of anthropogeny, the ancients don’t have multiple inventions and they live in nature light. As the time go by, they find the electric fire, more and more people are familiar with fire then they made torch—a kind of lightning tool in darkness.

Torch, bonfire and other artificial fires bring more convenience for human, which extend human lifespan, protect them from wild beast and enemies, lead human into unknown places such as cave.


In Chinese legendary history, the origin of light is related to extinction of Dragon (a mascot of China) , people want to acquire more oil from Dragon’ body to light up so they catch and kill Dragon. In the end, Dragon die out.


1. Candles have been found in Egypt, dating back to the fourth century B.C.

2. Gas lighting was developed in England in 1790.

3. Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light in 1879.

4. Light Emitting Diode (LED), an alternative of incandescent light and fluorescentlamp, becomes more and more popular nowadays. Many Led combine together and form a light source, it’s energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

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