4 Things to help you choose lighting

Lighting is an important part in our home, it likes ketchup of the french fries, if ketchup is not good enough, we won’t have the amazing fries enjoyment. If the lighting we choose have bad quality, how can we build a warm and sweet home?
Lighting can really damage your interior, so you need to take your time when you’re shopping for lighting. Maybe you will be dazzled by enormous types , different shapes and various colors, maybe you are at a loss in light store, don’t worry, here are some things to help you choose lighting.

1.Color temperature
Different color temperature is fit for different environment, for example, cold white light makes the room full of light, suitable for entertainment and meeting, natural white light with a soft atmosphere is suitable for the cozy moment with the family. warm white light is calm and elegant, suitable for creating a romantic scene.
If you buy the dimmable light, you can change room’s atmosphere freely according to your mood and allow you own three lamps at a time.

2.The shape of the fixtures
How lighting fixtures should look is a matter of personal taste. Probably you want to align them with the style of your home. That’s why it’s best to look at the sizes of the fixtures, to make sure it literally fits into your interior. A slim and delicate light can decorate your room while it may create a very cozy atmosphere in a tiny bedroom. A long tube light can bring you different feeling too.

3.Eye protection
If you buy a light with flickering, it would damage your eye, and don’t forget to avoid having your eyes blinded by looking straight into a light source. Also make sure there are no mirrors, windows or other reflective surfaces which may reflect light in your eyes.
Compared with other ordinary LED’s, Oeegoo LED‘s covered with professional designer optical lens, which make light source more soft, balanced and protect your eyes from harsh and glare lights. No flicker, No IR or UV radiation,No noise, No strobe.

4.Energy saving function
Some light will increase your electricity bill, so it’s better to choose LED light——the alternative of conventional incandescent bulbs, saving up to 90% of electricity costs. Besides, it’s environmental friendly, No lead or mercury, No UV and IR radiation or other pollutants, No noise, No flash or strobe.

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