Somethings about the household lighting

Do not underestimate the impact of lighting decoration for home improvement, good lighting is the essential decoration materials, but how to choose the lighting has become a problem. Choosing the right light sources and using them properly can change the atmosphere of the space and create a comfortable and pleasant environment. The right lighting adds […]

Einkaufsführer für LED

Heute gibt es mehr Beleuchtungsoptionen als je zuvor. LED-Lampen halten länger und verbrauchen weniger Energie als andere Arten von Beleuchtung. LED-Beleuchtungsprodukte erzeugen Licht etwa 90% effizienter als Glühlampen, damit wird das Zeitalter der ineffizienten Glühlampenbeleuchtung bekannt. Wenn Sie LED-Beleuchtung in den letzten Jahren in Betracht gezogen haben, haben Sie wahrscheinlich von mindestens ein paar verschiedenen […]

Make your home like an Oscar movie by lighting

oscar 2018 nomination

Oscar nominations of 2018 were just announced by The Academy today. We congratulations to all the nominees. All of them are well deserved. Everyone loves movies because films can lead us to another world like Disneyland or bring us to another situation where we can experience the joy, sorrow, adventure, excitement, and sadness. It extends […]

What are the effects of different light sources on health

cold white neutral white warm white

The influence of lighting on health is not only the spectral components of the light source but also the electromagnetic radiation, noise, lamp glare, light source flickering and safety of lamps and lanterns. Therefore, the presence of harmful wavelengths in the spectrum does not mean that it will have adverse effects on health. In fact, these […]

Christmas surrounded by lights

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming soon. Did you finish your housing decoration? I believe you have done. During the Christmas house decoration, the Christmas tree and Led light are essential. Recently, many friends share their decoration style on the social media. To be honest, everyone has been very careful to decorate the house, whether it’s outside, bedroom, living room, or […]

Osram VS Oeegoo: which LED you should pick?

osram oeegoo led ceiling light

Christmas is coming, you might have some plans to change your LED ceiling lights indoors. And if you do some brief research, you will find two very popular LED brands in ceiling lights category on Amazon, which are Osram and Oeegoo, both of them are widely celebrated by consumers all around the world especially the clients […]