Chitchat about the World Cup

As we all know, the World Cup will be held four years a time, such long waiting time makes fans anxious and restless. Finally, it’s forthcoming recently, they are ready to celebrate crazy season overnight with beers and popcorn, although no Chinese, Italian and Dutch national team, lack of Arsenal club, Beckham in 2018 World Cup, […]

Oeegoo—Choice for Your Better Life

2018 is the Artificial Intelligence era, iphone X is equipped with facial recognition system and new-launched MIUI 10, Xiaomi’s operating system based on Android and powered by artificial intelligence, translation robot applied in some international conference, some news issue AI payment will be carried out in the near future, we already amazed by ever-changing technological movement. […]

Apple developed MicroLED to get rid of Samsung

LED Do you know that the LED industry is not only outstanding in lighting and UV LED , but also has outstanding achievements in other areas? Yes, there are display screens for various electronic products. For the first time, Apple’s 10th Anniversary model iPhone X has adopted an OLED screen, and the screen is provided […]

Light switching is perfect in almost any good movie.

Darkest Hour numerous awards all the way. Gary Oldman, played Churchill in the “Darkest Hour”, he wins best actor for Darkest Hour at Oscars 2018. When Churchill first appeared in “Darkest Hour” and a match burned in the dark room, Gary Oldmam disappeared, while the bloated prime minister was resurgence. Director Joe Wright used the […]

What is most important for the Winter Olympic athletes? Somethings you dont know

Each Winter Olympic Games passes by in a split second. The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea kept going only two weeks. The 17-day Pyeongchang Olympics ended today. Hmmm, did the athletes on the pitch meet your expectations? Regardless of whether they’re putting in incalculable hours of training to achieve the highest point […]

Somethings about the household lighting

Do not underestimate the impact of lighting decoration for home improvement, good lighting is the essential decoration materials, but how to choose the lighting has become a problem. Choosing the right light sources and using them properly can change the atmosphere of the space and create a comfortable and pleasant environment. The right lighting adds […]