Switch On & Off  LED CEILING LIGHT Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing this quality LED product. To ensure correct function and safety, please read and follow all instructions carefully before using the product. Please keep instructions for future reference.


  • It is recommended that luminaires are installed and fitted by a qualified electrician ensuring the installation complies with current IEE wiring regulations and local building control.
  • These products are designed for connection to 200V-240V~ main supply. This appliance will be considered ClassⅡwith Loop In/Loop Out connector. Switch off the mains supply before installation or servicing.
  • There are not responsible if their fixtures are not installed according to local safety standards or damage resulting from incorrect use.
  • This product is suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.
  • Dust off the device and if necessary use a soft sponge.
  • The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable: when the light source reaches its end of life, the whole of the luminaire shall be replaced.


  • Ensure that the main electrical supply is switched off before installing the fixture;
  • The fitting must be installed by a Licence electrician;
  • Never use solvents to clean fitting, wipe with a damp clean cloth.


1.First switch on the fitting at the light switch
2.Turn off and on the light switch 3 times, you will see the light fitting flashes, the color temperature will be reset to 3000k automatically and the light will enter programming mode;
3. By turning the light on and off within 5 seconds of entering programming mode, the temperature will be changed from 5000k-4000k-3000k;
4.Once you have selected your preferred color temperature to leave the light on for more than 5seconds to set the color temperature in the fitting. when you turn the light on and off normally the set color will remain. to change in future follow the above instructions